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About Be Ready Academy

This Is How Our Story Began

Bree Reid is a stylish, sophisticated, and show-stopping fashion model, journalist, author and business owner based in Atlanta, Ga. She possesses a burning passion to make a difference in the world.  She desires to become one of the top international supermodels, while also writing and speaking life into the world. She was born into a military family; traveling and meeting new people is her top hobby. She has a fiery and adventurous personality. Bree began modeling at the age of 17 years old. She has successfully walked in over 70 runway shows and has worked with several top designers, stylist, photographers, hair, and makeup specialists all over the country, such as Zuhair Murad, Sidohr, Vanessa Miller, Kendal Lanier, Rashad Corey, and Misayo House to name a few.

Bree is the founder and owner of The BR Academy, an industry preparatory school that supports and teaches models and actors the technical and mental skills needed to be successful in the fashion and entertainment industry. She started The BR Academy to provide mental support in an industry that is known for shattering self-love. Bree experienced years of rejection, self-doubt, anxiety, and fear. The tables turned in 2018 when she moved to New York and developed the confidence and courage to step out of her comfort zone by taking her model career into her own hands. Developing her portfolio, learning how to travel alone as a woman, enhancing her model skills with top model coaches and digging deeper within her own self, Bree became proof that anyone can confidently and successfully move in their purpose at their own pace.


Bree studied journalism and holds a Bachelors degree of Arts from Georgia State University. Creative writing became a passion of hers back in 2017. She wrote her first book in 2020 called Super-Star Status, which is a how-to-book explaining the qualities needed to stand out from the crowd.


The top three words to describe Bree are fashion, passion, and action. Fashion is used to express herself. Her style is known to flip a room. Passion is her fuel to always strive for what she truly loves to do. Action is her lifeline to be intentional with everything she does. Her life motto is “Movement is survival”. Bree’s goal is to inspire others to find their superstardom. She desires the knowledge of marketing, branding, and public relations to represent herself and her students. She wants to inspire those with dreams to move in their own direction powerfully and confidently, deflecting any negative emotions that don’t belong to them, while gently and lovingly pushing through the ones that do.

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