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Be Fierce Out Loud

Our Mission 

We are dedicated to be a guide for models and actors who are Ready to dream bigger and take action, to become fearless and soar to new heights. 


Be Ready Academy

Be Ready Academy is a preparatory school that supports and teaches models and actors the technical and mental skills needed to be successful in the fashion and entertainment industry. Our purpose is to guide new and current talent into a balanced mindset between being their authentic selves and standing out from the crowd. Knowing and setting their own boundaries to become fierce out loud. 

Talk to us today about our upcoming workshops, castings, events and how we can support your growth in the industries of fashion and entertainment. 

Model in Red

Why Choose Us?

Functionality You Will Find Fabulous


Premier Industry
Prepartory School

Our academy is unique in its structure and design. We provide an A-Z curriculum for young talent aspiring to become successful models and actors. It is our priority that this academy provides value while enhancing your brand. When you choose The BR Academy, you are choosing to be trained by dedicated educators, become self sustained, and devolped for the next level. 


Mental Health Experts

Our program provides guidance into healthy mindsets and self awareness. Our students deserve the highest level of support, and we work tirelessly to maintain those standards. When you join The BR Academy, know that you are consistently choosing quality and excellence. Mental health is at the heart of everything that we do.


Self Development 

We guide our talent into successful, careers by helping them build self awareness, confidence, standards and personal boundaries. Unlike other 'model schools', we provide various tools on how to safely maintain mental health throughout the development process with our 10 week "Define & Design" industry course. 


We are Ready...for You!

Ignite the fire from within! We believe The BR Academy is the perfect learning environment for you to get all the technical and mental skills needed to flourish in any industry you choose. We teach skills that everyone needs to be successful in life. 


Ready to experience the future? Get in touch!

Our Services

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